BLACK FRIDAY hassles: more than 250K media budget saved

Once again this year, the period around Black Friday and November 25 was extremely important for the digital advertising industry. Many campaigns and short timings lead to a lot of stress for media agencies and companies.

Such stressful periods are the perfect breeding ground for manual errors in campaign management. Technical errors, such as inaccessible websites, also lead to particularly painful consequences during this time.

Thus, Black Friday reflects the ideal test for our anomaly detection. We have spent a long time fine-tuning our campaign monitoring algorithms, and the results are impressive:

“We are proud because our anomaly algorithms were able to save over €250,000 of our clients’ advertising budget this year.”

True to the motto “small mistake, big damage”, we automatically identified targeted misconfigured campaigns, paused them immediately, and notified the customer via.

Our conclusion: in a price-sensitive environment like media buying, operational teams benefit greatly from anomaly and error detection protection.

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