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We protect your mediabudget

Real-time cross-platform protection and prevention of manual errors in ad accounts for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter

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Data Assurance

Our data assurance algorithms are designed to identify human errors. This prevents potentially costly errors in the campaign setup from going undetected.

Cyber Security

The number of cyber attacks on advertising accounts is constantly increasing. Our cyber security algorithms are designed to stop attacks where unauthorized people try to spend your media budget.

Performance Checks

Performance issues, such as inaccessible website URLs, often remain undetected for a long time or, in the worst case, are only noticed through negative user comments. To prevent this from happening, our algorithms also detect these anomalies.

Real time prevention

By showing real time alerts within your ads manager, we prevent setup error even before you upload the campaign.

Prevent setup errors

Daily budget instead of lifetime budget? No end date selected? Audience Networkt not deactivated? These are just a few examples of the settings that are selected differently by default for each platform. In order to avoid expensive setup errors we have developed the adnomaly on-screen prevention feature.

Prevent exceeding the advertising budget

Our adnomaly on-screen prevention feature prevents the most common setup errors while you are still editing the campaign in Ads Manager. Real-time alerts focus attention on the campaign parameters that are important to work on.

Some of the largest media agencies trust our Security system

Client Success

Learn how other industry leaders are using Adnomaly to protect their paid advertising budgets.
Learn how Reprise was able to secure more than €20,000 in advertising budget by detecting 3 serious incidents.

Developed for your safety

99,99 %

Detection Rate

With a detection rate of >99.9%, our software has proven to be a reliable protection in the ad industry.

85+ m €

under observation

We protect large & small budgets – in total already a media budget volume of more than 85 million euros.



Our software works for you around the clock – so you are protected even outside working hours.

Need to protect your media budget?

Then don’t hesitate to contact us. No matter if media agency, digital agency, e-shop or freelancer – we protect your media budget.

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