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No human can guarantee the security of your advertising account around the clock. That’s why we have developed software that analyzes the activities of your ad manager in real time. Our software thereby identifies unwanted activities, such as hacker attacks or human errors, and stops them before any financial damage or image loss occurs.

Data assurance

Marketers know: Everyday life can be stressful, and between campaign setups, reporting, optimization, customer calls and forecasts, mistakes can happen. And mistakes in the media budget can quickly become expensive! But that’s exactly what our software takes care of.

Our Data Assurance algorithms are designed to identify human errors. This prevents potentially costly errors in the campaign setup from going undetected.

Cyber security

With a strong increase in cybercrime, the risk for companies to become victims of cyber attacks is also growing. Large platforms in particular, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, are frequent targets due to their large amounts of user data and links to payment methods. Attacks on Facebook advertising accounts in particular are steadily increasing.

Our cyber security algorithms are designed to stop attacks where unauthorized people try to spend your media budget. To keep you safe as an advertiser on these platforms, we founded adnomaly.

Performance checks

When working with a variety of DSPs (Facebook Ads Manager, TikTok Ads Manager, Snapchat, Pinterest..), many clients, many campaigns, and even more ad sets and ads, variations in performance can easily get lost.

Performance problems, such as inaccessible website URLs, often remain undetected for a long time or, in the worst case, are only noticed through negative user comments.

To prevent this from happening, our algorithms also detect these anomalies.

Real time prevention


Daily budget instead of lifetime budget? No end date selected? Audience Networkt not deactivated? These are just a few examples of the settings that are selected differently by default for each platform. In order to avoid expensive setup errors with the large number of campaigns that need to be created, we have developed the adnomaly on-screen prevention feature.

By displaying real-time warnings in your Ads Manager, setup errors are prevented even before the campaign is uploaded with incorrect settings.

Effective and hassle free protection


Step 1

By simply adding adnomaly as a partner in your Facebook Business Manager, most of the work is already done for you.


Step 2

Preventing setup errors with adnomaly On-Screen prevention using real time notifications shown within your ads manager.


Step 3

In case of an identified anomaly, we will notify you directly via your preferred channel (Email, Slack, MS Teams, etc.).


Step 4

Affected campaigns are temporarily paused to protect your media budget. Reactivation is straightforward via two-factor authentication.

Happy clients

These clients protect their advertising budget every day by trusting adnomaly.

Need to protect your media budget?

Then don’t hesitate to contact us. No matter if media agency, digital agency, e-shop or freelancer – we protect your media budget.