Launch of adnomaly software for the TikTok DSP!

Our proven anomaly detection is now also available for the TikTok DSP! TikTok campaigns can now also be checked for anomalies to ensure that no media budget is wasted.

After months of planning, developing, testing and improvements, we have reached the goal of connecting the new platform at the beginning of February.

Our anomaly detection software uses a set of anomaly checks that we developed specifically for media operations. With these checks, countless campaigns and media budgets of our customers are already protected on Meta. With the launch, we can now extend this success to the TikTok DSP. We are pleased that many partners have already integrated the service immediately after the launch so that we already protect more than 150 TikTok ad accounts from media budgets being wasted.

The anomaly detection checks sensitive campaign areas such as budget, targeting, page, and pixel IDs for misconfigurations. With the start of the support for the TikTok DSP we are also introducing a new check for campaign pacing.

In addition to checks after campaign setup, sources of error outside the platform that can negatively impact campaign performance will also be checked throughout the campaign runtime. Examples of this are the accessibility of websites or content on the landing page. How can such rules protect the media budget? Read an example of how our customer REPRISE was able to avert enormous damage to their media budget with the help of the 404 rule.

This enhancement is another milestone on our mission to make the daily work in media operations easier and safer.

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