Protect your media budgets and prevent incorrect ad spend

Advanced anomaly detection for media buyers, safeguarding your campaigns from wasteful spending and maximizing ROI in social, search and programmatic environments.
global media agencies are successfully protecting media budgets with adnomaly!
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Identify digital campaign anomalies in realtime and prevent budget overspend

Wrong budget? Wrong targeting? Account hacked?

These are just a few examples of the daily pitfalls ad operation teams have to face. Publishing more campaigns in less time with more DSPs causes a high risk of errors. Even small errors can cause costly impacts on your media budget or customer trust. Our adnomaly detection engine will help your ad operation teams to avoid mistakes and protect your media budget.

Key Features

How your teams benefit from adnomaly

Anomaly Detection

The adnomaly detection engine uses machine learning to identify abnormal campaign behavior and settings as compared to an approved and historical pattern. Anything that differs from the established pattern is considered an anomaly and will cause automatic actions by the software. Learn more…

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Operations Center

When an anomaly is detected, e.g. campaign was published with the wrong budget type, we will send a direct alert to the responsible team member or group. Depending on the individual customer configuration, automatic action triggers will stop the campaign before it will be published to make sure that no money is wasted. Learn more…

Realtime Alerts

Every time your team publishes a campaign, it will automatically be validated if any anomaly rules are violated. The system will send an e-mail alert to the responsible team member or group. Learn more…

Platform Integrations

Continuously expanding to all major DSPs

*currently available in Meta, DV360, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok
Enterprise Suitability

Why media agencies love adnomaly

We know enterprise security and legal needs

Our data policies and hardware infrastructure meets the needs of enterprise media agencies.

Realtime alerts and campaign setup assistant

Our customers can maintain an compliant and consistent operations workflow.

Media budget protection

Our customers immediately eliminate the likelihood of false ad spend.

Flexible pricing

Our pricing models ensure the most efficient billing for your individual needs.

Easy integration

Our customers enjoy a short time to value with the easy integration and onboarding to our system.

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Professional service

Industry proven track record


Detection Rate

350+ Mio

Budget Volume Secured


Permanent Protection

Safety and Security

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Latest Success Story

Starting in January 2022 we implemented the adnomaly technologies software solution to detect anomalies in our paid social ad accounts.