About us

Build the tools to improve media operation standards.

Our mission

At adnomaly, our mission is to protect your digital media budgets and put an end to wasteful spending caused by human errors or technical glitches. Our focus goes beyond programmatic, paid social, and search advertising. we believe in optimizing your entire media mix, ensuring that every aspect of your marketing efforts contributes to your success. By identifying and preventing anomalies, we pave the way for seamless media operations across channels.

But our mission doesn’t stop there. We’re champions of automation, harnessing its power to mitigate risks and eliminate obstacles in media operations. Our goal is to provide you With a solid foundation that allows your campaigns to run smoothly from start to finish. Moreover, we understand the challenges faced by campaign managers worldwide. That’s Why we’ve centralized omnichannel activities, making their lives easier and more efficient. Our solutions enable top-down and bottom-up time savings, empowering them to focus on What truly matters – achieving outstanding results for your business.

Who we are

adnomaly technologies is a young tech startup based in Düsseldorf, founded in April 2021. We have developed software that identifies and prevents anomalies in the advertising data (DSPs) of our clients, aiming to prevent financial losses and reputation damage. Drawing from our own experience, we understand how easily errors can occur in campaign setups or irregularities during their runtime, and the expensive consequences that can ensue. After extensive research, we discovered that there was no fully automated and user-friendly solution available for this problem. Hence, we took it upon ourselves to address and solve this issue. Since our inception, we have gained the trust of many of the largest agencies in Germany. We strive to improve ourselves daily and continually generate added value for our clients.

When Mohamed and Max first met in 2015, they were both working in online marketing agencies, dealing with display banners and ad servers. Paid social and programmatic were not yet widely recognized terms at that time. lt took another 6 years, with both individuals working for different companies, for Max, then Group Head Paid Social, to approach Mohamed with the initial idea for adnomaly.

“Our vision is to become a globally relevant adtech company focusing on our customers success by eliminating wasted mediabudget and falsly delivered campaigns.”

Co-Founder & CEO

Max von Weber

By mid-2021, Mohamed had become a shareholder and director at a software agency, yet he didn’t hesitate when Max shared the concept of adnomaly with him. Together, they were driven by the shared goal of saving clients’ media budgets and establishing a completely new technology for campaign managers through adnomaly.

“We are on a mission to build the industry leading user centric solution for real time advertising anomaly detection”

Co-Founder & CTO

Mohamed Omeirate

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