Protect your campaigns and clients from multiple daily threats

Detect human and technical threats.

End-to-End campaign excellence with adnomaly Detection Engine

The adnomaly Detection Engine operates with three layers to enhance the accuracy of detecting unusual activities.

Machine Learning: Identifies abnormal campaign behavior against historical patterns.

Manual Best Practice Detection: Leverages 10+ years of media expertise to cover multiple End-2-End threats.

Individual Detection Rules: Tailored to customer needs. Violations prompt automatic actions.

adnomaly Operation Center Manage all DSPs in one place

The adnomaly Operation Center empowers users to manage all DSPs in a single location. To enable a seamless experience, admins can customize which rules deactivate campaigns and which ones simply send notifications, providing flexibility and control. Furthermore, the Operation Center includes the Campaign List.

On-Screen guidance with adnomaly DSP Assistant

The adnomaly DSP Assistant feature will visually guide your team through the campaign set up in your preferred DSPs. While configuring the campaign, the assistant will give your team realtime feedback if any suspicious data was entered.

Time saver for ad ops: The Campaign List

We don’t stop at campaign setups: The Campaign List offers a comprehensive view of all campaigns across different DSPs. It provides cross-platform campaign insights that streamline the process, saving valuable time typically spent pulling daily status reports. You can easily spot performance anomalies, monitor the status of each campaign and access KPIs that play a pivotal role in guiding strategic decisions. 

To maximize relevance, campaign managers only have visibility into the campaigns of the accounts they are actively engaged with.

Platform Integrations

DSP Platform Availability

Easy Integration

Fast integration in your daily media operations

The best part: No new processes need to be set up or skills learned, because we live agility.

We connect your advertising accounts with our software.

We configure the adnomaly Detection Engine based on your team needs.

Together, we explain the main features of the adnomaly software to you.

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