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Driving client trust & satisfaction through automated security alerts


Automated Budget & Performance Alerts

Starting in January 2022 we implemented the adnomaly technologies software solution to detect anomalies in our paid social ad accounts. This not only prevents expensive media budget overspends but also secures the most efficient use of the client´s media budget. On top of that, it saves valuable time for the team.

Better results

Within the first weeks, the usage of adnomaly´s solution already paid off as the software detected two major incidents. One alert being a campaign setup with daily instead of lifetime budget. The other alert detected and paused ads linking to a 404 page. These alerts saved many thousands of Euros and ensured our client´s satisfaction by maintaining maximum campaign performance.
The broken landing pages (404 Error) were detected on a Friday evening and were automatically paused to save media budget from being wasted. As it was a performance (CPO) campaign the detection also secured the campaigns ROI.
The notification that helped save thousands of Euros.

Client satisfaction

Furthermore, this allows us to pro actively contact the client and let him know about his website issue, resulting in huge increase in client satisfaction.

Our results

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Use Case

Anomaly detection in paid social ad accounts



Saved media budget


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