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How Does PIA Media Leverage Innovative Technology to Safeguard Media Budgets?

In the field of digital advertising, reliability is crucial. Unexpected disruptions, whether due to server failures or technological malfunctions, can lead to significant losses for advertisers. The story we’re about to share illustrates how PIA Media has found a way to enhance reliability and reduce the potential for disruptions by utilizing innovative technology.

What Happens When a Web Store Goes Down?

One of PIA’s clients’ web stores recently experienced a prolonged outage, rendering it unavailable for several hours. This unexpected disruption placed stress on PIA Media’s campaigns. Moreover, the repercussions of live campaigns driving traffic to a broken landing page resulted in a lower Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) since no users could convert. This adversely impacted not only advertising performance but also e-commerce businesses, as they were unable to generate revenue while continuing to invest in advertising during this period.

We want to emphasize that the hidden costs of 404 errors extend beyond the media budget spent. According to various studies, only 23% of users will return to find a missing page.


adnomaly's Real-time Response

Fortunately, the story we are about to share does not revolve around losses. Instead, it focuses on how PIA Media relies on innovative technology to prevent disasters and protect their clients’ advertising budgets. To secure their digital campaign services, PIA Media trusts on adnomaly’s innovative software solution. The detection engine conducts regular operational checks and employs sophisticated algorithms to identify anomalies that might otherwise go unnoticed.

In this particular scenario, the webstore went down and became inaccessible. adnomaly’s automated alert system sprang into action within a short period, sending alerts to PIA Media, enabling them to take the necessary actions.

This case demonstrates the significant value that adnomaly, in partnership with PIA Media, delivered to their client. By ensuring that no media budget was wasted, we successfully averted potentially disastrous outcomes.

This scenario is only one of numerous instances that have transpired during the past two years of the successful partnership of adnomaly and PIA. Within the framework of this collaboration, the software has delivered substantial time and cost savings. It is important to underscore that these advantages are not limited solely to PIA; rather, they extend to their esteemed clients as well. adnomaly’s detection engine plays a pivotal role in augmenting Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), budgetary allocations, and ensuring campaigns are carefully managed for optimal efficiency.

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Anomaly detection due to web store down

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