Success Stories

Protect media budget through real-time observation even in unpredictable situations

Shortly after our foundation, the then Performance Advertising (now PIA Advertising) discovered the potential of our software solution. With the trust placed in us at the beginning, a successful cooperation developed that was already able to deliver a lot of added value. This was also the case in this special and unpredictable situation.

Use Case

Power failure paralyses ad-tech provider

The ad-tech services used by PIA Advertising and the server capacities required for them are provided by a renowned external tracking provider. When there was a sudden widespread power failure in the Düsseldorf area, this external server structure was paralysed for several hours.

A serious incident that – if it remains undetected for a longer period of time – inevitably leads to an extreme waste of the paid advertising budget.

The consequence of the power failure in the server centre: Redirect links in active advertisements were no longer functional. Clicking on these ads therefore no longer directed users to the actual landing page. Every click was paid for in vain and the users were left with a poor user experience. Other effects include the playout of banners and videos hosted on the ad servers, which could no longer be accessed.


Failure detected and reported within two minutes through real-time observation

The adnomaly software solution carries out comprehensive performance checks at regular intervals and uses algorithms to quickly detect anomalies that would otherwise often remain undetected for a long time. In this way, faults, problems and failures are identified as quickly as possible to ensure that no media budget is wasted.

In this specific case, the affected ad servers went down at 16:02. It took just two minutes for the incident to be reported by adnomaly through automatic alert emails. In order to clarify the scope of the problem and to support the customer as a partner in the best possible way, adnomaly naturally also immediately sought personal communication with PIA Advertising.

adnomaly once again proved its value and this time was the first to identify the failure of a major tracking provider with its software solution. Thus, we were able to act quickly to prevent far greater repercussions. adnomaly has shown that the added values go far beyond pure paid social monitoring.
Hanno Stecken

Preventing five-figure media budget losses and increasing customer satisfaction

Due to the quick and comprehensive notification of the failure, the affected campaigns could be stopped by PIA Advertising and the deliveries dependent on this ad server could be temporarily deactivated. A five-figure media budget, which would otherwise have led to the playout of faulty campaigns, was thus protected in time.

About PIA Advertising

As a performance agency, PIA Advertising combines data, systems and AI intelligently and accompanies its clients holistically.

One of PIA Advertising’s core services is the end-to-end management of paid advertising campaigns on all common platforms on behalf of well-known clients. Redirect links, media servers and other ad-tech services are used to play out, control and evaluate these campaigns.

At the beginning of 2022, the sister companies PIA Qverse, PIA blueSummit and PIA Performance Media merged to form PIA Media/PIA Advertising and are now the largest digital media agencies in the DACH region.

Use Case

Anomaly detection due to major server outage


Saved media budget