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Tom Tailor’s Innovative Response: Safeguarding Advertisers with Anomaly Detection by adnomaly

Discover how Tom Tailor, a leader in the fashion industry, partnered with adnomaly to protect their advertising campaigns and enhance their brand reputation.

In the dynamic world of digital advertising, the security and integrity of social media accounts are critical for advertisers. Hacking incidents pose significant risks, including financial losses and damage to brand reputation.

In this case study, we explore the successful partnership between Tom Tailor, a prominent advertiser in the fashion industry, and adnomaly, a leading anomaly detection company. We focus on an incident where the private Facebook account by a paid social manager, was hacked, and how adnomaly’s innovative approach to anomaly detection helped protect their ad campaigns and prevented potential risks.

The Hacking Incident

The private Facebook account of a Tom Tailor employee fell victim to unauthorized access by hackers. The attackers attempted to exploit the ad account by setting unusually high daily advertising spending of €1,000,000, targeting an unfamiliar geographic region, and manipulating campaign settings, including the image and Pixel ID, in an attempt to use Tom Tailor´s credit line for their own advantage.

The alert notifications send by the system.

Detection and Response by adnomaly

Tom Tailor’s partnership with adnomaly played a crucial role in promptly identifying the suspicious activity. adnomaly’s innovative anomaly detection algorithms, designed to detect unusual patterns and behaviors within advertising campaigns, raised alerts, because of the unusual budget, Geo-Targeting and wrong Pixel ID. These alerts were immediately shared with Tom Tailor’s team and triggered a collaborative response to address the potential security breach. Additionally, the campaigns were stopped automatically through the adnomaly detection engine.

Reward for innovative collaborations and a modern technology stack

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Tom Tailor, the potential financial losses were effectively prevented. Through efficient work and proactively addressing issues at an early stage, Tom Tailor successfully ensured the prevention of any potential problems.Tom Tailor’s experience reinforced the importance of innovative anomaly detection in ad security.

The incident highlighted the need for additional software-based monitoring of advertising campaigns to detect and respond to any unusual activities promptly. Moving forward, Tom Tailor will continue to strengthen their security measures and maintain a partnership with adnomaly to stay ahead of emerging threats.

We are happy to have a such a great partnership with Tom Tailor and want to thank them for the trust in our innovative solution. This case highlights how important it is to take action in implementing a modern technology stack.

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