Secure and Compliant Advertising Data Solution: Empowering Enterprises with Privacy and Efficiency

Meeting the highest security standards

At adnomaly, we prioritize and process a crucial type of data — advertising data from Meta, TikTok, DV360 and others. lt is essential to note that all the data we handle, including clicks, impressions, dates, budget, and more, does not contain any personally identifying information (PII). Consequently, our data processing practices fully comply with GDPR/CCPA regulations.

Data Security Measures and User Control

To provide our exceptional functionality, adnomaly requires access to your (clients) Meta, TikTok and/or Google data. Rest assured that we utilize OAuth authentications, ensuring that we neither store nor have access to any login credentials for these systems. We understand the importance of data security, and that’s why we grant our customers the ability to revoke adnomaly’s permissions at any time if they perceive a risk to their data. This can be easily done through the DSPs settings or the adnomaly operation center. However, please note that revoking permissions will disable adnomaly from delivering its valuable functionality.

Secure and Efficient Advertising Data Solution

At adnomaly, we believe in storing only what is strictly necessary for our functionality. Therefore, advertising data stored on our servers is deliberately limited. We leverage the advertising platforms’ APIs to retrieve the required data promptly and efficiently. We prioritize privacy and adhere to a data retention policy that ensures your (client’s) advertising data is retained on our servers exclusively for debugging purposes. The only data we retain for as long as you use adnomaly is the data that we generate ourselves, such as, alerts, settings, history and other relevant metrics. Choose adnomaly for a secure, compliant, and efficient advertising data solution that empowers your business while safeguarding your valuable information.

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By using adnomaly software in our ad accounts, we ensure that anomalies such as incorrect budget settings or inaccessible website URLs are detected in real time. This fully automated protection always keeps campaign performance at a maximum high level.

Tobias Henning
Managing Director, PIA Advertising

We achieve the best results for our customers by optimizing and analyzing our performance in real time. The adnomaly technologies software solution fits perfectly with this statement. It also strengthens the teams and therefore our resources, which makes it all the more valuable to use. We are looking forward to the upcoming cooperation.

Kazuma Hataraki
Managing Director DACH, Reprise Digital

We’re excited to increase quality assurance and, in addition to the great benefit to customers, show our employees a safety check that protects their work from potential errors.

Dennis Wegner
Managing Partner Paid Social, GroupM

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