How to Protect Your Meta Ad Account from Hackers

In our previous article, “How to Securely Recover a Hacked Meta Ad Account” we explored the initial steps necessary to recover a hacked Meta ad account. We detailed the immediate actions required if your Meta account has already been compromised, including contacting Meta, disconnecting linked partners, blocking credit cards, deleting payment methods, and documenting unauthorized activity for reimbursement.

While those steps are crucial for addressing a hack after it has occurred, this article aims to equip you with proactive measures to prevent your Meta account from being hacked in the first place. By implementing these preventive strategies, you can safeguard your account against potential threats and avoid financial losses associated with a security breach.

How can you prevent your Meta ad account from being hacked in the future?

Here are several steps to assist you in reducing the risk of your Meta ad account being hacked in the future. However, it’s crucial to understand that even with these measures in place, there’s no guarantee that such incidents won’t recur. Unfortunately, in today’s landscape, hackers frequently find ways to bypass security measures.

1 – Two-factor authentication 

It’s crucial to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for your personal Meta ad account. Within your Business Manager settings, navigate to the “Security” section, where you’ll find an option to require two-factor authentication for anyone associated with your Business Manager. Ensure that this option is always activated, as it mandates 2FA for all individuals with access to your Business Manager. This additional layer of security helps safeguard your account against unauthorized access and potential security breaches.

While 2FA is undoubtedly a crucial security measure, recent cases highlight the concerning trend of hackers finding ways to circumvent this safeguard more and more often.

2 – Set up security alerts

You have the option to receive notifications whenever your Meta account is accessed from a new device. These notifications, known as login alerts, can be found in the “Security” menu. Enabling this feature enhances your account security by providing real-time updates regarding any unauthorized attempts to access your Meta account from unfamiliar devices.

3 – Set limits for accounts

You have the capability to adjust the billing threshold and spending limit within your ad account, which can potentially mitigate the impact of a fraudulent ad. Even if hackers have tampered with these settings, the system should alert you to any modifications. This notification itself serves as a valuable alert, prompting you to investigate your account for any suspicious activity.

4 – Strong passwords

In today’s digital world, it’s crucial to use strong and unique passwords. Luckily, there are many trusted password management providers available, offering helpful solutions to boost security and simplify the management of passwords.

5 – Check who has access 

You should review the individuals who have access to your Business Manager. It’s common for agencies that have collaborated with former employees to retain access to the Business Manager. Alternatively, an account might be compromised if the Meta profile of a former employee, who still had access to the Business Manager, is hacked. Ensure that individuals who no longer require access to the Business Manager are promptly removed from the account.

6 – Keep track of linked devices and apps

Within your personal Meta page, navigate to the “Security” section to review recent login activity, manage devices with account access, and monitor the apps you’ve authorized over time. It’s crucial to keep track of these details, as losing access to your Meta account can also occur through compromised apps. Stay vigilant in monitoring and managing your account security settings to mitigate potential risks.

7 – Train your team

If you collaborate within a team, it’s essential to educate everyone about potential phishing scams and instill proper cybersecurity principles. Sharing insights from this post can also contribute significantly to enhancing the team’s awareness and preparedness against online threats.

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