Skills in Demand: Helping to solve the Puzzle of Unfilled Digital Marketing Positions

According to WARC, MMA, and Statista, the most significant challenge to the growth of digital marketing and advertising in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa is a lack of skills (41%). Experts predict the growth in digital advertising spending could reach almost 630 billion US dollars in 2023, and even 25% more in 2026. Meanwhile, at least 23% of the 88 billion dollars spent annually by marketers on digital ad buying, or programmatic advertising, is wasted, according to a report from the Association of National Advertisers.

In the recent report from DMI with The Economist titled “Perpetual Evolution,” 74% of senior marketers say that marketing companies face an alarming talent gap due to a lack of digital capabilities. New platforms, technological advances, and executive tools are constantly being introduced to the digital advertising industry. Many professionals find it harder and harder to keep up with the rapid pace of these developments as they acquire new skills. Digital advertising requires a variety of skills, including content creation, social media management, programmatic advertising, SEO, and more. Traditional education may not fully prepare individuals for the complexities of digital marketing. The supply of qualified candidates frequently outnumbers the demand for skilled digital marketers. Unfilled positions and higher demands for skilled workers result from the talent shortage. A survey from Forbes revealed that 62% of companies had unfilled job positions in digital marketing due to a lack of qualified candidates.

To address the lack of skills in the digital advertising industry, adnomaly has created innovative software to detect all the errors that could have occurred during the setup of campaigns. With our tool, we safeguard digital advertising campaigns and specifically assist businesses in implementing paid social and programmatic ads into their digital marketing. This allows you to delegate responsibility at an earlier stage without wasting money, as our software can detect outliers, send notifications, and pause the campaigns.

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